What We Played # 517 – The Artful Escape, Chorus, Sable & Death Stranding


How long does Friday seem to roll in here. There’s definitely a pinch of fall in the air, and we all know what that means, right? Each game is set to release in the next eight weeks! At least with a little chill outside, we can snuggle up in the heat of our PlayStation, Xbox, or gaming PC and feel good. I’ve played a bunch of things, but The Artful Escape stood out the most – it’s a great space opera with a really gripping storyline.

Steve was the first to register this week, and he finished Quantum Break on Xbox after leaving it for a few months. “It was particularly moving given that he is postulating 2021 as the end of the world… Maybe write an article about the visions of the future that have been and have disappeared in games!” It then worked its way through the “delicious” Flynn: Son of Crimson on Game {ass, “which totally nails the 16-bit feel. Decent difficulty curve and good accessibility options too. Warmly recommended.” Afterwards. this juxtaposition of tones, he explores the Italian psychological horror In Sound Mind, he also launched The Artful Escape, set his sights on Sable and still has not returned to Psychonauts.

Nic B got so sick he only played a tiny bit of Pokémon Go. He asked Strepsils, but let’s send him some thoughts too! Aran played a little more Mass Effect Legendary Edition where it still bounces around the galaxy doing side missions. He also performed through The Artful Escape. “It’s much more of a visual music album than a game. It’s recommended especially if you want a visual feast. He accompanies that with more Football Manager 21. “In my first season at Arsenal, I was second in the league, the semi-finals of the Euro Cup and the FA Cup. I haven’t even bought a player yet. If Arsenal’s board is reading this, I’m open to a contract.

Sticking exclusively to Dead by Daylight, Nick P sees a small reward for his efforts: “Getting a lot better at a killer now, even with some of the weaker characters. Pyramid Head is still my favorite. during this time Gareth mainly played MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries on PS5 for review, although he also got an hour or two of No Man’s Sky.

Tuffcub played Death Stranding to find out what isn’t really a Director’s Cut. “Unfortunately, someone had overwritten my finished game save file, so I had to go through everything in record time, but now I’m just talking about road building and it’s delicious.”

Death Stranding director's cut catapult

Adé played the rather gorgeous Rat ’em up’ Tails of Iron! He says it’s “an intriguing Metroidvania / Soulslike / 2D collectathon”. It looks good!

And finally we come to Tef. He reviewed Sable last week, finding it to be a wonderful experience even though there were obvious flaws. He was also able to preview Chorus (or Chorvs, if you look at the marketing material), and shared his thoughts on the new Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and can tell you there’s one more super exciting thing that he’s played. , but we’ll have to wait until next week to find out what it is.

Now what has you played this week?


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