Why Should I Avoid Financial Dependence?




A woman who lives on the rent of a house whose tenants want to leave. A young man who still lives with his parents and has no foresight to fulfill his dreams because he has settled down and has never sought to earn his own money. A small businesswoman who uses the full overdraft limit. A man who lives on loans because he does not manage well the money he earns. Financial dependence is a reality for a huge number of people.

The situation, in addition to having a huge impact on self-esteem, imprisons: many times, those who depend financially on an income that does not belong to them can not see a light at the end of the tunnel, let alone have an organized budget and realize their dreams.

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The only person who should have control of your life is you!


There is nothing better than having control over one’s life. Avoiding financial dependence is a key point in maintaining the freedom to make your own decisions. When the person is financially dependent on someone or something, he can never decide alone, having to always take into account the opinions / constraints of his financial source, since it depends on it.


Strengthen Your Self-Esteem

Strengthen Your Self-Esteem

Financial dependence is one of the situations that most upsets self-esteem. Whoever depends on another person to feed themselves, move around and pay their bills will hardly feel safe to develop in other areas of life.

Those who suffer from financial dependence can not believe that one day they will be able to remain alone. The inner voice repeats both the message “You can not” that as the belief grows stronger, you end up believing you can not really do anything on your own. It is important to avoid financial dependence to keep your self-esteem healthy and to continue to believe in yourself and your own ability.


Be responsible for your decisions and choices

Be responsible for your decisions and choices

The situation is very common: many women stop working to take care of the house, the children and the husband. Without their own income, they are victims of financial dependence: they can not buy a loaf of bread without asking the husband for money. In the same situation, there are the children who are already educated who remain in their parents’ homes.

As this picture lingers, dependents settle in, refraining from making any decisions and delegating their choices to their financial provider. Get away from this trap! Avoiding financial dependency is to be responsible for your decisions and choices. Do not give up this right.


Your dreams only depend on you.

Your dreams only depend on you.

Financial dependence is one of the main obstacles to achieving dreams. When one depends financially on someone, one can not have long-term goals because one does not know if one has enough money to carry them out. Avoid financial dependence and be solely responsible for fulfilling your desires.


The reflection to be made is: do you depend on someone or some financial resource with interest? How far can you stand alone? Is financial dependency a reality in your life? Analyzing the answers to these questions is time to react: run after your financial freedom and do not delegate this role to anyone. With
dedication and planning it is possible to avoid financial dependence and control of one’s life. Believe.


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February 26, 2019