Why should we do a data science course with a live project?

Since the Harvard Business Review article in October 2012 – “Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”, data science has become the most sought-after career option with millions of opportunities, offering not only the highest salaries but also interesting jobs.

Many think tanks and research organizations have predicted that the data science field will be close to saturation by 2022 with stable growth, but defying this, growth is still over 60-70% of a year on year with exponential data adoption. science in various sectors and fields. To date, Data Science is still the fastest growing field creating tens of millions of jobs and is expected to remain so for at least the next 5 years.

What does a Data Scientist do?

Data science is a combination of various fields, including statistics, mathematics, programming, machine learning, and domain knowledge, with the aim of extracting insights from data to enable insight-based decision-making. data, which is the key to business success.

Data scientists gather relevant business data from various internal and external sources, perform experiments, apply various statistical techniques to create a solid database analysis. They use machine learning powered by data pipelines to deliver predictive analytics with a high level of accuracy. This helps in understanding the business and the customers better so that they can be better served with a better decision-making process.

Why is a career in data science the most desired?

The data science career rose to fame around the year 2015 and has remained at the top of the most in-demand jobs ever since.

Here are the main reasons why

  1. Millions of Job Opportunities, High Paying Jobs, Job Security, Global Opportunities, Meaningful Work.
  2. Data science offers job opportunities at all levels of experience, from beginners to senior executives.
  3. Data science is being embraced across industries and functions.
  4. No difficult prerequisites: anyone with good analytical skills can pursue a career in data science

So it’s no surprise that a career in data science has been the most sought-after job for the past 6 years.

Do you have to go through a Data science course?

In the early days of data science adoption, around 2015, options for learning data science were limited because there were not many sources and structured courses. Most of the aspirants have acquired skills through online sources, research papers and above all fiery self-study. But now, as the field of data science has become the mainstream, with thousands of large organizations putting data science at the forefront of business strategy, the content and knowledge available is enormous.

Almost anything you want to learn about data science is already available on the internet in some format, article, youtube video, etc. That’s great, but finding the right resource to learn ready-made skills from a plethora of sources has become difficult. Many aspirants, who begin with great enthusiasm, find it difficult to understand the breadth and depth of the field, where to begin and where is the end. This leads to learning from various sources, at different levels of difficulty, without structured learning, resulting in loss of motivation and probably loss of motivation.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that learners need a structured learning course with a good mentor with industry practice in the field of data science, to acquire data science skills that are relevant in a short period of time with more practical use cases and projects.

What is the importance of live project become ready for use?

Data science is a practical field with business value as the key aspect. It comes down to what the real value of data, analytics, and machine learning is to the business. Data science concepts, statistics, machine learning, and learning projects can help you learn and practice the concepts, but it’s very important to appreciate the real business value of a project live.

Live Project helps you understand and appreciate the value data science brings to business. This project can be a proof of concept for a large organization, a small project for a client, product development for a start-up, your own idea of ​​creating a product or service using machine learning and science of data. By working on a live project, you will learn the practical challenges of data collection and preparation, work on tuning the model to meet business requirements, and ultimately unlock real business value.

So in simple terms:

  1. As a data scientist, your primary goal is to use data science techniques to add value to businesses using data.
  2. Thus, Live Project provides exposure to understand the very purpose of data science
  3. The live project is the key to successful job interviews because interviewers are mainly interested in the live project, what it is, how you lead, the results and above all the business value.

Thus, a Live project is a must in your pursuit of a career in Data Science.

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