Why the Princess Never Reveals the Name of the Main Character

Hulu’s medieval action flick The Princess never reveals Joey King’s character name, which makes sense for the heroine’s story themes.

Warning: SPOILERS for Princess below!

The medieval action movie Princess never reveals the name of its heroine, and it is a method of storytelling to illustrate the themes of the film. Available to stream on Hulu, Princess stars Joey King as a young princess betrothed to the vicious Julius (Dominic Cooper), who takes over her father’s castle and tries to force their marriage after leaving him at the altar. After escaping her captivity atop the tower, the extremely well-trained princess battles the forces of Julius to save her kidnapped family.

Princess is a tightly-knit medieval action flick with its heroine battling dozens and dozens of opponents across the castle’s many levels. However Princess never identifies King’s protagonist by name, it works great for his assertive freedom arc. What’s more, the “bloody good” Hulu Original, in its virtually continuous action scenes, shows the princess claiming what this title means to her.


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The arranged marriage to Julius that the princess finds herself in is because her father, the king (Ed Stoppard), never fathered an heir to his throne. She really wants to become a knight, as she makes clear to her father in a flashback to setting up her marriage, and the future that awaits her does not sit well with the princess. This goes to the heart of the film’s title, a reference to both the princess having no say in how her life unfolds and how she finds her in a similar way to the film classic. of action. Lowering.

The real meaning of why the princess never revealed her name

Joey King in The Princess

In the plan for her to marry Julius, the princess is little more than a pawn in the politics of her father’s kingdom and Julius’ own ambitions to become a much more aggressive ruler than the king’s more diplomatic leadership. The title of Princess and the film keeping her name a secret captures this, showing the generally depersonalized role the princess occupies in the hierarchy of the kingdom. On the other hand, the title of Princess means something new at the end.

Revolting against the feudal marriage she is forced into, the princess seizes the title and gives it new meaning through her own desire to become a warrior. This is why when asked, just before one of Princessit’s a lot Lowering-inspired fight scenes, who she is, she answers”I am the princess!Joey King’s young heroine may rebel against being an unwilling bride, but neither does she relinquish the title of princess, choosing instead to claim it as a warrior’s name.

In the end, after the princess and her allies, including her mentor, Linh (Veronica Ngo), defeat the forces of Julius, the princess achieves her goal with her father knighting her and decreeing a new freedom for women. of his kingdom. While the princess herself may remain unnamed by the end of the film, that’s also the point of the title on two different levels. The princess was once in a standoff between others deciding her fate, but through the revolt she leads in Princessthis title changes from her burden to her trophy when she finally becomes a knight worthy of King Arthur as she had long dreamed of.

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