Worth to Invest in the Treasury Direct? Advantages and disadvantages

Is it Worth Investing in the Treasury?

A common question among those starting to make applications is whether to invest in the Treasury.

Being a low risk investment, this alternative attracts more and more Brazilians. To clarify this point, we prepare this content for you.

It is time to know, once and for all, if it is worth investing in the Treasury Direct.

It is worth investing in Treasury Direct if you:

It is worth investing in Treasury Direct if you:

– You do not want to make a quick draw . The Treasury Direct is a type of fixed income application, in which income tax is charged, IOF collection, among others. So the longer you leave the money applied, the lower the reductions.

” You can not keep up with this market or you do not understand so much about it.” That’s because when the theme is public title, there are not so many changes daily. So there’s no need for you to keep an eye on all the time. Unless you want to sell before the deadline. In this case, it is worth paying attention to interest carefully.

– Wait for security . It is considered one of the safest investment alternatives among those with low risk. This application is very interesting for those who used to leave a quit amount in the savings and now is more aware of the chances of obtaining greater profitability.

– You want to invest little . Good news: With at least $ 30.00 you can already start investing in Treasury Direct. You will have the same percentage of profitability from someone who invests $ 100,000 or even a million. You can even simulate Treasury Direct through the internet.

– Track extracts over the internet . You can check the Treasury statement, income and information through the Treasury Direct website. All this through your registration.

In these cases mentioned above, it is worth investing in the Treasury Direct, yes. But there are other cases where it is not worth investing in the Treasury. Let’s go to them.

It is not worth investing in Treasury Direct if you:

It is not worth investing in Treasury Direct if you:

– If you need a quick return . If your need is to withdraw the money invested within a semester, for example, it is worth rethinking the savings. So you will not pay taxes when you redeem the amount you deposited. But, as you may know, there is less and less profitability for savings. Basically, you’re saving some money there – do not expect a return.

– Want high profitability . As we have mentioned, the Treasury Direct brings many benefits, such as security and low interest. But it’s not the best of options for anyone who really wants to make money. However, the applications that guarantee the best chances of return, as you should know, are also the ones that offer the greatest risks. There are other alternatives, such as stock market applications, if you intend to take a little more risk and have the possibility of a very profitable gain.

So you realized that it’s not always worth investing in the Treasury, is it? Knowing your objectives well and your investor profile is critical to being sure to be doing a good deal for you.